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Why you should focus on addition, rather than restriction

Addition beats restriction.

Instead of telling yourself that you can't eat certain foods, allow yourself to include these foods in your diet while focusing on all the other nutrient-dense foods you can incorporate and increase.

Rather than focusing on what you can't have and labelling certain foods as "off-limits", try focusing on all of the foods you can have and see your mindset shift.

When we label foods as off-limits, our cravings for those specific foods typically become heightened, leading to the eventual overconsumption or binge.

If you allow all foods in your diet without labels, suddenly the perception changes and those foods previously labelled 'off-limits' can be appreciated and enjoyed for what they are.

Doing this can result in a healthier relationship with food and a long-term approach, rather than just another short-term restrictive phase that leads you further back than when started.

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