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Where's the protein?

Just a few different examples of some plant based protein sources -

▶️You’ll see that the content varies between different foods obviously, however although some may be lower.. group them in a meal and it will work out to be quite a decent quantity.

▶️Take for example, if you were to have one cup of quinoa (8g protein) + one cup of lentils (18g protein) - that’s already 26g of protein right there, add some spinach and you’re up to 31g of protein.

▶️People often don’t realise that protein is actually made up of amino acids and these amino acids are present in a wide range of foods in varying quantities, but you’d be surprised just how easily it can all add up.

▶️This is why, if you’re eating enough total energy for your individual needs & you’re including a wide range of foods in your diet, you will naturally meet your individual daily protein requirements too.

❗️The westernised diet (heavy in animal products & highly refined foods) is also extremely high in saturated fat, trans fats, cholesterol and sodium - all of which are contributing tremendous health implications at both an individual and population level and... is creating a pretty huge burden on the environment (we’re in a pretty serious climate pickle (crisis) right now) so, subbing out some animal foods for some plant based meals here and there is a sure way to apply some of those extremely health promoting factors from plant based proteins (dietary fibre is one big key example) and contribute your little bit in reducing those greater global impacts.

💡If you’re still under the impression that protein is the answer to everything and that you need to consume excessive amounts to reach your goals, just remember that any excess protein the body doesn’t require is simply excreted.

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