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What you think you need vs what you really need

👆What you think you need in order to achieve sustainable weight loss and optimal wellbeing Vs what you actually need 👆

👉 Too many people take on an ‘all or nothing’ approach, making drastic lifestyle changes that are unreasonable to stick to in the long-term.

Instead of...

❌Beating yourself up with excessive exercise that you may not enjoy or stick to after a few weeks

❌Wasting money on unnecessary supplements

❌Consuming excessive amounts of animal protein and protein in general

❌Placing heavy restrictions on your food and nutrition practices

Why not try focusing on...

✅Exercise you enjoy and can maintain consistently

✅A regular and optimal sleeping routine, ensuring you get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night

✅ Having a little self-compassion --> building new habits takes tremendous amounts of work and effort

✅ Consuming nutrient-dense meals

✅ A long-term outlook, knowing that each positive action you make is bettering both your short and long term health.

❇️ Focus on establishing your essential baseline elements first - the non-negotiables for optimal health and wellbeing - the boring stuff that you already know, like eating enough fruit and veg every day ✳️

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