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Veg bowl + beetroot leaves! (Eating them is a-okay)

Big veg bowl 🌱 Filled with a whole lot of goodness that is.. a bunch of sautéed beetroot leaves, zucchini & bok choy + some sautéed enoki & king oyster mushrooms 🍄. + four bean mix


BEETROOT LEAVES: Instead of chopping the stalks and leaves off and throwing them away, try cooking them up instead. They’re highly nutritious and packed with an assortment of essential vitamins & minerals. Such as... Vitamin A -> responsible for the maintenance of normal vision, reproduction and your immune functioning. Vitamin C -> Helps aid absorption of iron and other minerals. Vitamin K -> plays key role in blood clotting Potassium-> helps to balance sodium levels in body. Antioxidants -> fight nasty free radicals in the body Iron -> important for oxygen transportation throughout the body for energy production. Fibre -> contributes to proper digestion & functioning of your gut. Just to name a few... 👊


It’s so easy to make simple acts like cooking up beetroot stalks/leaves instead of throwing them away. It’s all about making the small changes within your means that can shape the bigger picture 🌍✌️

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