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Top Tips To Get your daily 5 serves of veggies in

Unfortunately this is still a pressing topic as most Aussie’s still don’t meet these recommendations - only 7% of all Australian adults do.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how you can easily fit in 5 servings of veg throughout your day.



Sneak a handful of spinach into your favourite smoothie.. you won’t even realise the spinach is there!

➡️ Or have some hearty beans on toast! 1/2 cup of beans count as one serving of veg! The added benefit here of is that they’re also packed with protein.



You could throw your favourite veggies into a tasty burrito or hide lentils in your bolognese pasta.



Finally, whip up a tasty home-made pumpkin soup or ramen! Dishes like these make for a simple way to incorporate a nice array of veg that will soak up the flavour of the dish.

How do you go about hitting your daily 5?

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