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Smashed Avocado with Spicy Lentils

If you’re looking to add in something extra to your avocado on toast (maybe a little more protein for example) but you either don’t necessarily like tofu/tempeh, don’t know how to scramble it or simply just don’t have it in the fridge.

Try popping some lentils on there instead!

Obviously not the same taste, texture etc in any way shape or form, but lentils will provide you with a hit of plant protein + fibre and many other essential minerals.

If you’re using the tinned variety, make sure you drain and rinse them well under cold water first.

Then you can pop them in the pan and add whatever herbs/spices you may have on hand.

My go-to are always paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, a dash or iodised salt and pepper.

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