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Simple tips to building your bowl.

B O W L B A S I C S 🥗

A few little tips to help you build a better bowl for good health and nutrition.


🍠CARBOHYDRATES: Don’t get freaked out by the word carbs, that’s just another term that’s been demonised by the weight loss industry to push their quick fix fad diet or weight loss product. Carbs are good! They’re your predominant (and preferred) energy source for both your brain and your body. 🧠 🏃‍♀️ Don’t avoid carbs, don’t cut out carbs from your diet and certainly don’t feel bad for eating them. Just be smart in how you do it- choose good quality carbohydrates which include whole grains, vegetables, legumes and provide you with vitamins, minerals, and fibre (which is largely under-consumed by the majority of the Australian population).


🥜PROTEIN: Before we get into it - yes you can absolutely get more than enough on a plant-based diet.

Plus.. consuming protein from plant sources will probably mean you’re getting dietary fibre along with it, which will in turn help you meet your daily fibre intake (because as mentioned above, the majority of Australians do not) and you will also contribute to a greater diversity of bacteria in your gut (very favourable!). A few of my favourite sources include: Tempeh, tofu, lentils, back beans, red kidney beans & nutritional yeast (key ingredient for great dairy free cheese sauces).


🥑 FAT: Limit saturated & trans fats to less than 10% of your overall energy intake every day. Consume good sources of dietary fats which include avocado, nuts and seeds. Nuts & seeds will also contain protein and other important minerals.


🌱VEGETABLES: They are the star of the show (particularly dark green leafy ones). They don’t have to be bland, they don’t have to be boring. Cook them lightly, or combine some raw and some cooked for a variety of textures and most importantly get as colourful as you can to include an array of different (very important) micronutrients. 👊


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