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Pulled BBQ jackfruit + other stuff

🌱Wholemeal couscous 🌱Baby spinach leaves 🌱Sautéed mushrooms & black beans 🌱Pulled bbq jackfruit 🌱Sautéed veggies 🌱Sun dried tomatoes


💭Since going completely plant based (over five years ago now), I have become way more creative with all my meals and overall approach to cooking in general.

💭It really did open up a whole new avenue to explore, with a multitude of different foods available to try and use in different ways.

💭Eating plant based is certainly never boring and just the positive impacts alone that I have experienced with eating this way are absolutely worthwhile and extremely beneficial from a variety of different aspects including both physically and mentally.

💭This is why I encourage and will continue to encourage everyone to include more plants into their diet, and lean towards as much of a whole foods plant based lifestyle as possible.

💭If the personal experience doesn’t speak for itself, there’s a whole wide world of science out there that also heavily supports the incorporation of more plant foods (to be specific this includes fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains) into the diet for an almost endless amount of reasons and benefits.


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