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Protein. Protein. Protein...

What does 40 grams of protein look like?

This is just one example (believe it or not).

40 grams of protein sitting on the plate.

0 grams of animal products in this meal.

Rid the belief that protein = animal products.

Instead get a little bit more creative with your choices and choose ones that provide you with an array of different nutrients + that important dietary fibre that I’m not going to stop talking about because the majority of Australians do not meet their basic daily intake.


Protein is made up of different amino acids and amino acids are pretty much in everything in varying quantities.

If you are meeting your daily energy needs, then you will absolutely be meeting (and most likely exceeding) your protein needs too.

Yes, protein is important, but it is not superior to any other macro or micronutrient.

You’ll get a whole lot of benefits if the whole picture is complete, as opposed to just a few elements here and there..

“Whole picture” = all micronutrients & macronutrient targets being met.

“A few elements here and there” = the unnecessary emphasise on protein and select few other nutrients.


Pictured is brown rice, baby spinach leaves, edamame beans, and tempeh cooked in a little bit of sweet chilli & sauce sauce.

If you've never tried tempeh before, I would highly recommend giving it a go!


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