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Pre-Training Fuel - how to optimise performance through nutrition

Fuelling up appropriately prior to your training session can help support performance and provide adequate energy to sustain the required work capacity.

The generalised recommendation is to consume your last main meal 2-4 hours before the session and to sip on water regularly to avoid dehydration.

--> In the hour before training, there is also the option to choose a small snack such as some fruit to ‘top up’ energy stores and prime the body.

Of course, food tolerance will vary between individuals and individuals may also have personal preference to certain foods that they’ve become accustomed to.

It’s also important to note what you feel works best for you individually, and how you respond to different meals prior to training. The timing of consumption can also influence the body’s response - where eating a meal too heavy in fat, for example, may cause unwanted gastrointestinal distress which has the potential to negatively impact performance.

On this note - as carbohydrates are the body’s preferred and predominant energy source, it’s recommended to choose carbohydrate-rich foods. Some further recommendations are to avoid foods high in fat or protein, as these typically take longer to digest.

When it comes to food choices, each individual will vary based off of preference, requirements and goals. However, some examples of carbohydrate-rich meals prior to exercise can include:

-Cereal/oatmeal with milk and fruit

-Pasta with a tomato-based sauce

-Sandwich or wrap

-Yoghurt and fruit

-Fruit smoothie

If you would like further assistance in this area, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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