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The art of chopsticks

I love the challenge of eating with chop sticks because it automatically makes me slow down so much more when I do (as opposed to absolutely inhaling my food otherwise).

失 Taking your time to chew food properly is an important factor in digestion.

失Taking your time to eat slower will also allow you to have a better gauge of when you are full.

失It will also give you an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the different flavours & textures that the meal has to offer.

Pictured is a few pages from a book Ive been reading titled A little book of Japanese contentments written by Erin Niimi Longhurst, touching on a few different food ideologies which I found extremely interesting in the Japanese culture 荊

The bowl consists of a few of my favourites:

Soba noodles

King oyster mushrooms


Bean sprouts


Bok Choy