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Mindful Eating

👆 Mindful eating focuses on bringing awareness to the table.

🔎 It’s about being completely present during your mealtimes and paying closer attention to your food choices and eating habits. 

*️⃣ Practising mindful eating can provide an opportunity to take time out and slow down from a stressful day, improve digestion by eating slower, feel fullness cues sooner and prevent overeating.

🔁 Mindful eating can help to reshape perceived beliefs around food and repair a troubled or unhealthy eating pattern. It’s not a diet, it’s not about labelling certain foods as good or bad and it certainly doesn’t have to be practiced every single time you eat.

✔️ It’s simply a tool which you can utilise, when you do have a little more time, to slow down, be present and develop a greater appreciation for your food and where it comes from.

You can practice mindful eating by:

-Taking time to sit down and eat your meals slowly

-Placing your cutlery down in between mouthfuls

-Removing all distractions

-Engaging all of your senses —> think about the flavours and textures you feel with each bite.

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