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Lake Emerald, Canada


They’ve been a solid staple whilst on the road for the past three weeks, although they’re still a staple at home and for very good reason..


💰They’re extremely cheap with precooked tins generally being under $1 (which usually provides 4 serves) and uncooked packets giving you even more bang for your buck!

🍴They’re extremely versatile, making your options endless.. from black bean burgers to throwing them into salads or tacos to churning chickpeas into hummus or falafels, etc etc.. the range and variety of uses really are endless!

💪They’re packed with fibre & protein as well as provide a source of calcium, magnesium, iron and folate + phytochemicals.

🌏They’re virtually free from saturated fat, contain no cholesterol & are a great protein source that is much kinder on the environment compared to animal protein.

🌱If you experience gas and/or bloating when consuming them, gradually incorporate them into your diet increasing the quantities over time.

Your body will get used to them and the side effects should begin to cease or ease up.

🌱Rinsing canned legumes also helps remove excess sodium as well as decreases the gassy side effects.

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