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Hearty 3 Bean Recipe

In need of a quick, healthy, hearty meal? Look no further..



1 .Pick 2-3 of your favourite legumes (I used black beans, lentils & red kidney beans here)

2. Chop up & sauté some onion & garlic in a pan.

3. Chop up other veggies of your choice (I used carrots and green beans.

4. Once onion & garlic has browned, add chopped veggies + a few fresh tomatoes (optional).

5. Let veggies cook lightly for a few minutes, then add your legumes + a tin of chopped or crushed tomatoes.

6. Let simmer for a few minutes then remove from heat.

7. Serve with some brown rice, quinoa, whole grain toast or even just eat it on its own.

8. Add your favourite herbs to top it off.


It's really as easy as that!

This meal will provide you with a heap of fibre, loads of plant protein & slow releasing carbs to keep you full for longer + important vitamins & minerals such as iron, b vitamins, zinc, magnesium & folate.

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