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Food on the road

Quick spot for lunch on a long driving day🚙

Planned ahead and made enough last night for a healthy meal on the go ✅

Whipped up a very easy & cheap pasta sauce with:



•Baby spinach & kale

In a tomato & basil sauce.

+ added some fresh baby spinach & kale leaves on top for a good serving of greens.


Watch out for pre-made pasta sauces that contain a whole lot of sneaky ingredients + lots of sodium &/or sugar.

Instead look for ones that only contain a couple of ingredients at most, e.g tomatoes & herbs🌿


Cost breakdown:

•Lentils: .90c

•Pasta: $1.80

•Spinach & kale: $3.99

•Tomato sauce: $1.40

•Mushrooms: $1.30

—>Total = $9.40

Makes four servings (with leftover pasta, spinach & kale). Working out to be..$2.35 per serve.

Whoever said healthy eating had to be expensive? 🤷‍♀️

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