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Eat your water!

Did you know that the water content in foods can also contribute towards your daily water intake?

This is a handy tip for those who sometimes struggle to drink enough fluids throughout the day, or simply just forget.

Being well hydrated is a crucial element of staying healthy and making sure everything is running smoothly in the body.

  • Water makes up 70% of human body weight, making it extremely important for the efficient functioning of the body and its systems.

  • Within the body, water acts as an effective transportation medium for various substances such as certain water-soluble vitamins.

  • It also plays a role in thermoregulation - which is the process of allowing the body to maintain its normal internal temperature.

As you can see now, being well hydrated and having adequate water stores in the body is essential for all of your important inner bodily functions!

Eating fresh foods is a delicious way to ensure you’re staying on top of your daily water requirements - fruits, green leafy vegetables and lettuce are all incredible water-rich sources.

Consuming these foods will not only be a delicious, refreshing treat but will also provide you with vitamins and fibre too.


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