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Easy Plant-Based Pizza

Easy, healthy, fully plant based pizzas. Ready to go.


1️⃣Grab some wholemeal wraps.

2️⃣Grab some tomato paste.

3️⃣Roast some veggies (works well if you roast them the night before then all you have to do is throw them on the pizza!)

4️⃣Get some veggies. Some spinach. Whatever else you feel like throwing on there. Remember - colour & variety is key.

5️⃣Some vegan cheese if you like (key word: some)

6️⃣Even throw some tofu on there (right side of middle pizza that looks like chicken). It was surprisingly great.

7️⃣Get creative. Get colourful. Then get full. ☺️


🌿Why live a restrictive lifestyle when you can eat such a wide, wide variety of delicious & nutritious foods?

💬Fun fact: those who consume a plant based diet typically have a lower body mass index (BMI) than their vegetarian & meat eating counterparts.


⏺Pizza on left: roast potato & rosemary with smoked vegan mozzarella.

⏺Pizza in middle: left side: sweet potato & red onion, right side: tofu & miso glazed

eggplant. Weird but tasty combinations there.

⏺Pizza on right: the classic roast veggie with a lil smoked vegan mozzarella again.


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