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Blue Zones / Optimal Diet

What constitutes an optimal diet?

🌿The inclusion of a wide range of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds as close to their natural state as possible.

—>Limiting processed foods.

—>Limiting animal products.


Let’s take a lesson from the Blue Zones. 🌀

If you’re not familiar with the term- it’s dubbed for various regions around the world where the population is comprised of people with the longest life span and very low rates of chronic diseases.

🌀The Blue Zones have been researched extensively over prolonged periods of time and from this certain factors have been established which are thought to contribute to the desirable health assets of these zones.

🌀One of the factors thought to play a key role in their health & longevity of these populations is the predominance of plant foods. Their diet is largely comprised of whole plant foods, with animal foods being kept to a minimum.

🌀If they do consume animal products it is roughly 5% of their overall dietary intake and equates to approximately 5 times per month (in serving sizes far less than that of the typical western diet).


🌀Other factors said to contribute include:

-Building exercise into their daily life & moving naturally. -Having a sense of purpose. -Having a sense of belonging. -Eating until they are 80% full. -Having down time & ways to de-stress. -Having close social connections with family & friends.


I think we could all positively benefit from applying some of their lifestyle habits.

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