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Another simple soba noodle salad

Quick - easy - simple - delicious. That’s the aim of the game here!


This simple dish incorporates a few of my dietary staples.

All you need is: •1 packet of soba noodles •1 tin of black beans •1 tin of lentils •1 pack of tempeh & generous amounts of baby spinach leaves.

All you need to do is: Cook the soba noodles (this takes roughly 3 minutes) Rinse the beans Cook the tempeh Mix it all together! As easy as that


Plant based diets are cost effective, they’re especially good for your overall health with more specific areas including the contribution to a greater diversity of bugs in your gut which we know is a great determinant of overall health. Further to this, feeding your gut bugs also influences your brain. Feed them properly, feed them well and reap the rewards.


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