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8 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Legumes!

Now is the perfect time to start increasing your legume / bean consumption.

Many people are nervous to include more beans in the diet due to unfavourable side effects (gas & bloating)

However, if you start off small and slowly build up the quantity over time, your body will begin to adjust and these side effects will eventually subside.


Some other tips to help reduce these side effects include:

  • Drain and rinse canned beans thoroughly.

  • Soak dried beans for a few hours or overnight.


A few key reasons why they are such a great staple in anyone’s diet..

  1. They are one of, if not the most cost-effective sources of protein

  2. They’re low in saturated fat

  3. They have a low glycaemic index - may reduce insulin responses

  4. Packed with important minerals

  5. An excellent source of dietary fibre

  6. They’re incredibly versatile

  7. Drastically lower environmental impact compared to other protein sources

  8. Research has shown that higher legume intake is the most protective dietary predictor of longevity (7-8% risk reduction for every 20g increase in daily intake)


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