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6 Steps to Growing Your Own Microgreens with Water

Microgreens are incredibly nutritious, versatile and easy to grow - almost any edible herb or vegetable can be grown as a microgreen!

You can grow them using either soil, water or even coconut fibre.

They open up a whole new world for those wanting to grow their own food with limited space or resources available.


I'm going to run you through how to grow your own microgreens using a microgreen growing tray and water.

You’ll need:

  • A microgreen growing tray (I purchased mine from bunnings for under $10, you can easily find them online too)

  • Water

  • A spray bottle

  • Tissue

  • Some seeds (you can buy microgreen specific seeds)


  1. Fill the clear plastic container with water and place black growing tray on the top.

  2. Place a thin sheet of tissue on the growing tray, sprinkling your seeds on top.

  3. Spray the seeds 2-3 times a day with a fine mist of water until roots develop. Cover the tray with foil between waterings to reduce evaporation.

  4. Once roots reach the water in the bottom container, spraying and foil are no longer required. Keep the water topped up and refreshed. An application of half strength liquid fertiliser can be added for faster growth.

  5. Harvest the seedlings in 7-14 days bu cutting just above the seed.

  6. Use your micro greens straight after harvest for maximum flavour and texture. Clean the growing containers throughly before re-use.


Like I mentioned, microgreens are incredibly nutrient-dense.