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5 Quick Tricks to Meet Your Daily Veg Intake

Do you eat enough veggies every day? Or do you struggle to find tasty ways to fit them all in?

Consuming adequate amounts of vegetables every day is incredibly important for maintaining good health and preventing any potential onset of disease later in life.

Some people struggle to fit in five servings of veg every day, so here are a few quick tips to help bypass that!

1.Throw them in a tasty smoothie: ->Throwing a handful of baby spinach leaves into a smoothie is an easy way to sneak in an extra serving of veg without even realising or tasting it!

2. Make a big tasty stir fry: ->Throw a variety of different vegetables and flavour with a tasty sauce such as sweet chilli or satay!

3. Make a curry or chilli: ->This is an incredibly easy way to easily disguise finely chopped up vegetables within the flavour of the dish and furthermore, pack a lot in!

4.Chop up fresh veggie sticks:

-> Choose chopped up carrot or celery sticks as a snack with hummus.

5.Include a serving of legumes in your lunch or dinner: ->Legumes are also considered a serving of veg which is a big win!

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