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3 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Nutrition During Lockdown

1. Plan ahead and stick to a routine

  • Plan out your meals for the week, write up a shopping list and stick to the list when you're at the supermarket.

  • When prepping meals, you don't have to make it a huge meal prep either; one simple option is to cook a larger batch for dinner, so you have enough for lunch the next day.

  • Think about making better food choices, e.g. sub out white rice for brown rice, choose fruit or nuts for snacks over refined products.

2. Make it easy

  • Remove any temptations you may have lying around, and ensure you're stocked up with plenty of nutritious foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains, good quality protein sources) instead.

  • You could position low-quality, highly-processed foods towards the back of the cupboard and fridge and nutrient-dense foods at the front, so you naturally reach for what's in front.

  • Keep plenty of good quality snack options on hand; this will help keep you feeling satisfied between meals and ensure you never get to a point too far beyond hunger that pushes you into overeating.

3. Get creative and have fun with it

  • With a little extra time on our hands, this could be the perfect opportunity to try out a new recipe, build or expand on your cooking skills.

  • You could utilise this time to revamp your go-to meals or try out things you've never tried or considered trying before.

  • Look at different ways you can get creative with your meals, so you have a whole new element that brings excitement to the table.

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