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Reclaim Nutrition & Training provides individuals with valuable information, resources, support and accountability- helping them feel empowered with their health and well-being and ultimately allowing them to take control and navigate through the often-overwhelming field of nutrition.


The focus is on long-term, sustainable changes rather than short-term quick fixes.

A strong emphasis is placed on education, awareness and, most importantly, working in unison to develop the best course of action to achieve individual goals while promoting overall health and longevity.

All recommendations and advice align with current evidence-based guidelines.

Areas of assistance include:

  • Plant-based nutrition

  • Dietary analysis

  • Meal planning

  • Sports-specific nutrition 

  • General health and wellbeing.




60-minute individual nutrition consultation covering:

  • Nutritional needs analysis

  • Education and guidance

  • An individualised plan tailored to needs

  • Two-week support window following consultation for further questions, support and accountability if needed.

  • App access

Review Consultation

30 minute review consultation covering:   


  • Review of an individualised plan

  • Adjustments to plan if necessary

  • Further education 

  • Ongoing guidance & support


  • Weekly written check-in

  • App access



  • Longer term plan for high level accountability and support 

  • One month, three month & six month options

  • App access 



  • All consultation and plan options available online via zoom

Enquire here: 

Nutrition Enquiry Form
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