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Fresh food and juice.

The menu is vast and wide, providing different options for everyones varying tastes.
Fresh restaurants is completely plant-based and offers delicious burgers, wraps, healthy bowls, tacos, salads, coffee & much much more. 

The planet diner 


If you're after something on the heavier side, look no further!
 The planet diet offers a menu which is predominantly plant based and their passion behind it is comfort food. The menu will have  you stumped for choice.   



vernon, british colombia

Fresh Lemongrass is a Vietnamese restaurant, they have a handful of vegan options/can be made vegan.


& kim

locations in toronto + Notre dame quest, montreal. 

Completely plant based cafe that is also completely wheat free too. 

Almost everything on the menu is made from fresh ingredients in house and all meals are designed to provide a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat as well as an array of essential vitamins and minerals. 

urban herbivore

kensington market & toronto eaten centre, toronto

An amazing cafe that i just happened to stumble across when I was in Toronto walking around Kensington Markets. 

The staff were so friendly and the options were absolutely incredible.
They offer a huge range of completely plant-based meals, and give you the option of various sandwiches, soups/stews, custom bowls, smoothies and deserts. I'm already dreaming of the day i can get back here. 

Rocky mountain bagel co

canmore, alberta

Bagels, wraps, soups or salad and coffee to go with all of the above. 

Obviously with a name like that, the bagels are the star of the show - and rightly so, they have a huge range that are freshly baked in store.

Sit outside for a pretty great view of the mountains too. 

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