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100% bio 



piazza di porta s.paolo rome

100% bio offers a range of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes with all ingredients in the restaurant being entirely organic. The restaurant operates on a buffet, pay-per-weight system where you pay for the amount of food you take. Options are plentiful and the variety is extensive.

necci dal 1924



Open all day from breakfast to dinner. 

Offering some vegan options but not an extensive list.

It has a spacious outdoor seating area and is located in Pigneto, Rome. 

la tecia vegana


santa marca, venice

Potentially the only complete plant based restaurant in Venice. 

A set of really friendly staff who luckily enough speak English too. 

Their menu is entirely Vegan and is only made up of organic ingredients. 

La Tecia Vegana's menu touches on a range of traditional recipes adapted to be completely vegan. 

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